Quality Assurance is everyone's responsibility.

I am a quality assurance analyst/engineer at heart regardless of the role I might be engaged in. It is very important to me that everyone that I work with also believe that quality assurance is everyone's responsibility.

For me quality assurance is not primarily about testing, it is more about creating and working in a culture that takes QA seriously. All teams, not just development, should be enabled to apply QA standards and practices to their daily tasks. 

"QA" was on the other side of the wall.

An example of this is some recent work I did as a senior quality assurance analyst assigned to an infrastructure team. When I first joined the team there was a lot of "testing is QA's job" and "it's not our fault, QA doesn't know what they are doing" and many more similar attitudes. There was a lack of documentation or standard operating procedures (SOP) for a majority of tasks that were being performed, and since there are multiple ways of doing most system related tasks and virtually no automation it was inevitable that a lack of consistency and reproducibility was a recurring problem. 

To be fair, most of this team was comprised of great, hard-working people. In a lot of cases they were simply overwhelmed with too much work and not enough capacity. It was faster to "just do it" and get on with the next task even though that often required some amount of rework and created a lot of technical debt. They barely had time to do the work much less apply QA standards and practices such as creating SOP's, running their own tests etc.

Not all the problems got solved and it was a long hard road in many cases, but by the time I left 6 years later I am proud of what we were able to accomplish working together. Other articles in this category will demonstrate some of the things I contributed to the effort of helping this team become more QA responsible.