Web Server Certification Program

I was tasked with creating a program that would facilitate repeatedly building, provisioning and validating a new web server in the live staging and production environment in a manner that did not negatively affect current users or the system. 

This was accomplished via:

  • Research of the features, roles, services, other components, folders and files etc. were required for the companies applications.
  • Extensive functional testing of the companies applications to determine the effect that removing/adding components, changing values etc. would have. 
  • Finalizing the baseline values for each component, for example; services state, startmode, applications name and version etc.
  • Creating Microsoft PowerShell scripts to test each component by comparing the actual value to the baseline value and documenting the test results and exceptions.
  • Creating PowerShell scripts for provisoning the server, for example; configuring 3rd party applications, setting permissions, creating scheduled tasks etc.
  • Created standard operating procedures and checklists for building a new server from a virtual machine clone, provisioning the server and running scripts to validate each phase of the buildout.  

  Virtual machine web server buildout documents: Checklist  Standard Operating Procedure

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